Our Programs: Word In Your Hand

Word In Your Hand

Diabetes Hands Foundation

The Word In Your Hand concept started with a post in TuDiabetes.org in July 2007. We decided to invite members of the community to contribute their photos showing a word in their hand describing how they felt about diabetes. Between July and November 2007, we collected more than 120 photos for the project through TuDiabetes.org and a TuDiabetes.org group on Flickr.

We wanted to empower people touched by diabetes to express themselves and let the world know what it is like to have diabetes. The result of the project was a video including some of the photos submitted, with music by one of the members of TuDiabetes.org. The video was picked up by well over 12,000 web sites (YouTube, Current.TV and Vimeo among them) in time for World Diabetes Day, Nov. 14, 2007.

The Word In Your Hand trademark is currently licensed to LifeScan for use as part of their OneTouch campaigns. Learn more about this partnership.