Our Work

Who we are

Mission:   Diabetes Hands Foundation fosters an open and inclusive community of support for all those touched by diabetes, connecting them with tools and information to actively and confidently voice their needs and pursue healthier lives.

Vision:  We envision a world without diabetes, where everyone is valued as having unique needs and has access to a high-quality, equitable health care system that places each patient at the center of their own care.


Our Programs


logocommunitiesMission: To provide social support information, and a sense of belonging to people with diabetes and their loved ones.

Diabetes Hands Foundation runs two social networks with over 50,000 registered members in total and a global annual reach of well over 3 million unique people. TuDiabetes.org (in English) and EsTuDiabetes.org (in Spanish) offer people touched by diabetes a place to turn for information, community and social support on their journey.


bigbluetestMission: To demonstrate that small changes can improve diabetes health, and to promote diabetes awareness.

Big Blue Test is a program that reinforces the importance of exercise in managing diabetes by having participants test their blood sugar, get active, test again, and share the results at BigBlueTest.org or using the iPhone or Android app.  When people do the Big Blue Test, on average they see a drop in their blood sugars and a donation is made to help people with diabetes in need.


Mission: To accelerate and amplify the efforts of champions dedicated to improving the lives of people living with diabetes.

Diabetes Advocates serves as a platform for connecting individuals and organizations that have taken a leadership role in improving the world for people touched by diabetes. DiabetesAdvocates.org