Standing Together Against an Unhealthy #AHCA

The Facts

Yesterday, the House passed a bill to repeal and replace the ACA (“Obamacare”). This is just one battle in the larger fight; the bill is not yet law, it still needs Senate review & approval. For more information, see articles (or 3-min audio clip below) covering the bill by The New York Times and NPR.


The Feelings

At Diabetes Hands Foundation, we are fearful of an unknown future and a healthcare bill that doesn’t care for those with diabetes and pre-existing conditions. What will happen? How will those decisions affect people with diabetes? There is a much bigger battle to face than budgetary talk of federal deficit. What beliefs are driving these votes? Beliefs that a diagnosis is solely an individual’s fault, and responsibility? Beliefs that a diagnosis is ‘natural selection’ at work? Those questions are at the root of this healthcare debate and matter — to people on either side of party lines — that live with a health condition.


Members of our community are sharing their feelings with us, and we stand in solidarity with their fears and concerns.  

  • “I’m feeling rather hopeless, to be honest. Frustrated, scared, and confused as well, but ultimately hopeless. I’ve lost faith in the American public to do even rudimentary research on the issues…” – David49
  • “I feel worried about pretty much everything… I feel my son’s health is in the hands of a group of people who have never experienced not being able to afford their life-saving medication.” – Mila
  • “Horrified and angry and devastated for the many people who will be sicker and die from this.” – cardamom
  • “I am still uninsured as there was no way I could pay the ACA premiums and continue to pay mortgage, utilities, food, and diabetes supplies. Being homeless and insured just wasn’t an attractive option for me.” – JoAnn2


What’s next?

The ACA is still in effect; there are many more steps in the process to get a full repeal and replacement into law. We will never have all the answers, or know what the future will hold, but we will wade through this together, in solidarity, as a community. We may have differing opinions about politics and the “right” solution, but we will stand together in our need for healthcare, and our belief that wealth should not be a requirement for health.

The bill will be moving to the Senate for review & approval; this process is typically slower and will give us more opportunities to take action. Download DPAC’s new app — an easy format to make tweeting, calling, learning easy! Also, reach out to friends from other chronic condition and healthcare groups asking for the same protections to discuss and encourage action — we are in this together.