Three Paintings. One Great Cause.

We are excited to share the three paintings that will be up for auction in Boston next during the annual Happy Hour WIth Diabetes Hands Foundation cocktail and networking event on Saturday, June 6th at Morton’s The Steakhouse Seaport (2 Seaport Lane, Boston).

The three original paintings were created by artist and Diabetes Hands Foundation co-founder Andreina Davila as part of her collaborative study of egos and identity labels titled [I AM]. The pieces in this series do not intend to portray the whole person, but rather seek to capture the essence of one thing people participating in the project deeply identify with.

Andreina donated three pieces from this series that will be auctioned at the Happy Hour event and benefit the work of Diabetes Hands Foundation. One of the paintings is of Kerri Sparling and her daughter titled [I AM] Grateful.

The mother/daughter painting portrays the strong bond, grace, and love of motherhood. Kerri said, “My daughter represents the purest, most effortless love I’ve ever known. She stands as proof that a demanding and often times cruel medical condition (type 1 diabetes) can pave the path towards earning and appreciating motherhood in a way that my peers without diabetes cannot understand. She’s beautiful in a way that can’t be captured in words or photographs. She makes me feel like I’ve contributed something truly priceless to the world. I love her so much. She makes me feel grateful.”

The second piece that will be auctioned is titled [I AM] Listening and portrays diabetes advocate Scott Johnson as well as words from Scott’s Blog.

The painting of Scott and his piercing blue eye portrays a deep acknowledgement of a greater purpose in life: the responsibility of sharing our own personal gift with others. Scott said, “I think that each and every person I meet has a special gift to share. This gift we have is a treasure that will greatly enrich us and the world around us. It is my duty – a deep responsibility – to listen to their story and learn from it. And there is great value in both the exercise of listening and being listened to.”

The last piece in the series is a familiar face to Diabetes Hands Foundation. It is of the co-founder and husband of artist Andreina Davila, Manny Hernandez.

The piece of Manny is titled [I AM] an Advocate and portrays the internal force that fuels positive change when you stand up for what you believe in.

Manny said, “In 2006, my life took a big turn when I met others with diabetes for the first time, and I realized the power of community… I realized I had become an advocate! Today, I don’t feel afraid: I feel an urge, a need to push for the things I believe in. I need to speak up, to not sit back in the face of things that I disagree with, wherever they may be happening.”

If you are interested in attending the Happy Hour With Diabetes Hands Foundation event, find out more information and purchase your tickets here.



  • Words can’t describe how honored I am to be alongside two of my favorite people helping raise money for one of my favorite organizations. Andriena’s artwork simply takes my breath away, and I can’t wait to see these in person next weekend!