This holiday season give gratitude to someone who has inspired, supported, or helped you. In turn, your donation of $5 or more will support the work of Diabetes Hands Foundation to make sure that no one with diabetes ever feels alone.


Dragan, also known as @Dragan1 on TuDiabetes,

I am grateful to you for stepping up and offering me technical and other support in adopting the do-it-yourself hybrid artificial pancreas, Loop, this year. Your unselfish offer of support has made one of the largest improvements to my well-being in my 33 years of living with diabetes. Your help and continuing support inspire me to make my own contribution to someone else in the “pay-it-forward” fashion that you have demonstrated to me. I look forward to doing that in the coming year. Your kindness to me, a virtual stranger a year ago, touches my heart as only a friend can!