#SpareaRose, Save a Child – almost there!

Spare a rose

Update (Feb. 10, 9:00 am Pacific Time): 

Total amount raised is now just over $9500 from almost 300 donations!


We at the Diabetes Hands Foundation are overjoyed to support the Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign for a second year this February.

As Valentines Day approches, we are reminded everywhere we go of how fortunate we truly are. Love is in the air and all around us. Stores are filled with chocolates and flowers and lovey-dovey messages. Mid-February is a time of year dedicated to growing our hearts a little wider.

Life for a Child is an International Diabetes Federation program working to save the lives of children in developing countries by providing supplies like insulin and syringes, and diagnostic services like A1C testing, etc.

The Diabetes Online Community (DOC) has come together vivaciously in support of Life For a Child and brought to you the simple, yet powerful concept of sparing a single rose on Valentines Day to literally save a child’s life.

Literally! By giving the amount of one rose, you provide a child with life saving insulin for a month. By giving the amount of a dozen roses, an entire year of insulin is given to a child.

We share common ground. We want all children with diabetes in the world to always have access to the insulin they need to survive. We want to make a difference for people touched by diabetes everywhere, and this is a great place to start. In pursuit of our common goal, we are asking for your immediate support.

Here are ways you can be involved:

Give – Offer what you can and let your valentine know that, in their honor, you made an impact for children with diabetes in developing countries. *NEW* We now have printable cards in lieu of the spared rose!

Write – Share this program with your DOC family by writing about why Spare a Rose, Save a Child is important to you. Then share you post on the Partnering for Diabetes Change site.

Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn – Tweet and FB your heart out. Share the Spare a Rose, Save a Child logo and goals with all your friends and family via social media sites.

Ask – Asking can be the hardest part of making change, but without it we wouldn’t be able to move mountains.

Together we are stronger. We can save more lives by each giving what we can to support great organizations doing big things to make the world a safer place for children with diabetes.