#OpposeAB1893: California Bill that Burdens People with Diabetes on Insulin

A couple of days ago I learned that the California State Assembly is considering AB-1893 Sharps waste, which in (if approved) will mandate that:

“Sharps sold to the general public in California shall be sold with a sharps waste container that is approved by the department.”

I couldn’t believe that this was seriously being taken up in Sacramento, so I dug into it and realized that there was a lot more behind it, so I have written a note to The Honorable Richard Pan, Chairman, Assembly Committee on Health in the California State Capitol, cc: the authors of the Bill and the Assemblymember and Senator representing Berkeley (since we’re based in Berkeley), to bring a number of issues to their attention.

In short, I am respectfully requesting that the provisions in the bill mandating consumers to purchase a sharps container whenever syringes, needles or lancets are purchased be dropped from AB 1893 altogether.

Here’s what you can do:

  • If you live in California, please take the time to contact your State Representative to them know your thoughts on this piece of legislation.
  • You have to contact your Assembly Person and/or Senator by April 29 (when the Assembly Health Committee will be reviewing the bill).
  • If you want your comment to go on record in time for the Assembly Health Committee meeting, make sure to contact them by Tuesday, April 22
  • Whether you live in California or not, please take the time to blog or tweet about this, using the #OpposeAB1893 hashtag. Below are some key Twitter accounts and sample tweets you can use.


Twitter accounts of key stakeholders:

Twitter accounts of key media:

Here are a few sample tweets you can use:

  • .@DrPanMD @AssemblyDems @AssemblyGOP Pls #OpposeAB1893: CA Bill that Burdens People w Diabetes on Insulin http://bit.ly/1fag6fI
  • .@LatinoCaucus @SpeakerPerez @fionama @EllenCorbettCA #OpposeAB1893: CA Bill that burdens ppl w diabetes on insulin http://bit.ly/1fag6fI
  • Here’s why we #OpposeAB1893: CA Bill that burdens ppl w Diabetes on Insulin http://bit.ly/1fag6fI @HealthyCal @sacbee_news @JWilliamsAP

If you would rather engage with any of the stakeholders on Facebook, here are their Facebook pages:


  • natsera

    Manny, I don’t live in California, so this would not affect me, but I don’t really understand the ramifications of it in California. In Nevada, they want $45 per sharps container, which I think is ridiculous, and a hardship to low-income people. So I will pursue the fight in Nevada, but would like more information and background on your thought process in California. I might pick up some useful ideas for what arguments to make!

    • I am aware of a great opposition letter from Nicole Johnson’s group, that touches on issues that should be applicable across the board. Will see if I can get it/share it.

  • Scott S

    I wrote to each rep individually noting that the bill missed an important element, namely that it was akin to an unfunded mandate because there aren’t facilities willing to accept filled sharps containers in evert California community, hence the state needs to ensure there are facilities statewide who can accept filled sharps containers BEFORE such legislation can even be considered.

  • Guest

    I live in Nevada, and we just got new Waste Management directions, one of which was the directive to obligatorily purchase a SMALL sharps container for FORTY FIVE DOLLARS!! Nonsense!! So I need to find out what was behind that obligation, and see if we can get Nevada (or at least Washoe County) included in the campaign to ensure fairness to people with diabetes and others with chronic conditions that require injectable medications. I suspect this is going to become a national issue, not just confined to California. Meanwhile, I’m ignoring the directive, and disposing of my sharps as I always have. I just worry about the well-meaning people who will have succumbed to this well-designated piece of trash legislation, assuming it’s even been legislated and not just a fiat on the part of the Waste Management Corporation.

  • John Kuhnemund
  • It’s truly a burden! I am afraid many people can’t stand it. Diabetes
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