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“The Diabetes Hands Foundation began in 2008 driven by the strong belief that no one living with diabetes should feel alone. Since its formation, DHF’s online communities ( and have made this vision a reality for more than 20 million visitors. We have brought together people touched by diabetes and provided the support and education needed to positively impact their lives.

DHF has relied heavily on the generosity of industry partners, private foundations, and individual donors to help fund our mission and support our communities. Unfortunately, due to increasing costs and the competition presented by a growing number of non-profit organizations competing for limited funds, DHF’s Board of Directors has determined that it is in the best interests of its charitable mission to wind up its operations while partnering  with another organization offering support and education for those affected by diabetes, to ensure a sustainable future for our vibrant online communities.

We are pleased to announce that Beyond Type 1, a non-profit organization serving the diabetes community, will provide a new home for our communities, and carry on the important work that DHF started. In arriving at this point, the Board of Directors conducted a thorough search to ensure that DHF’s online communities will transition to an organization that will honor their legacy in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, in English and Spanish, and help take them to the next level. We are confident that Beyond Type 1 can do just that and are committed to working with them on the transition to make certain that people touched by diabetes will continue to have the support and education they need and deserve.

On behalf of the DHF Board of Directors and Staff, we would like to thank the many people who have made it possible for DHF to serve the diabetes community. Although we are ceasing operations as an entity, we continue to believe that no one living with diabetes should feel alone, and are certain that this change will enable our communities to continue to support this important mission for a long time to come.”

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Diabetes Hands Foundation fue creada en el 2008 bajo la premisa de que ninguna persona que viva con diabetes debe sentirse sola. Desde su formación, las comunidades de Diabetes Hands Foundation ( y han convertido en realidad esta visión para más de 20 millones de visitantes. Hemos reunido a aquellos tocados por la diabetes y les hemos dado  apoyo y educación para tener un impacto positivo en sus vidas.

Diabetes Hands Foundation ha trabajado gracias a la generosidad de socios de la industria, fundaciones privadas y donadores individuales para patrocinar el trabajo de  nuestras comunidades.   Desafortunadamente, debido a los crecientes costos y la competencia presentada por un número cada vez mayor de organizaciones sin fines de lucro que compiten por fondos limitados, la Junta de Directores de DHF ha determinado que es en el mejor interés de su misión caritativa terminar sus operaciones mientras y busca asociarse con otra Organización que ofrece apoyo y educación a las personas tocadas por la diabetes, para asegurar un futuro sostenible para nuestras vibrantes comunidades en línea.

Nos complace anunciar que Beyond Type 1, una organización sin fines de lucro que sirve a la comunidad de diabetes, proveerá un nuevo hogar para las comunidades y continuará con el trabajo que Diabetes Hands Foundation comenzó. La Junta de Directores realizó una investigación a fondo para asegurarse de que las comunidades de Diabetes Hands Foundation tengan una transición a una organización que honre su legado en diabetes tipo 1 y en diabetes tipo 2, en Inglés y en Español y que les ayude a alcanzar el siguiente nivel. Estamos convencidos de que Beyond Type 1 puede hacer lo necesario y de que están comprometidos a trabajar con estas comunidades en la transición para asegurarse al mismo tiempo de que aquellos que viven con diabetes continúen recibiendo la educación y el apoyo que necesitan y merecen.

A nombre de la Junta de Directores y equipo de trabajo  de Diabetes Hands Foundation, queremos agradecer a todos quienes hicieron posible que trabajáramos para la comunidad de diabetes. A pesar de que cerraremos nuestras puertas y no operaremos más como entidad, seguimos creyendo que ninguna persona que viva con diabetes debe sentirse sola y estamos seguros de que este cambio permitirá que nuestras comunidades sigan trabajando en esta importante misión por mucho tiempo más.

  • Gabriela E Bo

    Thank you for your work, guidance and information. Fabulous example of Charitable work! Best of luck in future endeavors and may Beyond Type 1 help continue your work!

  • Nick Cuttriss

    DHF has much to be proud of and I want to highlight and thank DHF and the community for its tremendous support it has provided to underserved kids living with type 1 diabetes, and in particular it’s support of Aprendiendo a Vivir in the Dominican Republic.
    Watch the power of empowerment programs for kids with T1D in the DR here:
    Juntos somos mas fuertes!
    Nicolas Cuttriss, MD, MPH, FAAP
    Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board | AYUDA

  • tmana

    I’m sorry to read this, and hope that Beyond Type 1 *does* go… beyond T1DM, since there are many people living with other types of diabetes who *also* need the support of a vibrant community. I’m sad to read this, because so many of our online communities have become dormant, unused or underused, or have just… disappeared. All of the Ning communities have either moved off Ning or shuttered; genre-encompassing sites such as dLife removed their conversation forums, their attempt at an online community, and even – with the advent of its third(?) ownership change in the last five years or so – its patient voices.
    I’ve been less active on TuD since its switch to WordPress; a lot of the communities and structure was rearranged in a way that makes it more difficult for me to see what’s going on, or to target a query or start a thread within a subgroup of the community. That said, one of its strengths has been its openness to people living with ALL types of diabetes (the rare T2-hater-thread notwithstanding), and the ability for PWD to help each other by sharing what works for them (and possibly even why)…

  • Joanne Milo

    Thank you DHF for all the wonderful work you’ve done over the years! Mila, glad to know you are continuing on. MasterLab was so very wonderful … hope BeyondT1 continues that program … I was honored to participate! Best of luck to all of you!!!

  • Pattycolombia

    How will they account for members, Just enter their site and is strictly for T1 : (

  • Wow! amazing news. Let me guess, DHF funding is hurting so Beyond 1 in Menlon Park also close to the home of Facebook, Google, Apple, etc, acquired DHF, is coming to the rescue! 😉
    They also posted about the merger: