#MasterLab through the eyes of the community



The Diabetes Hands Foundation would like to thank everyone for attending the diabetes advocates MasterLab on July 2nd 2014. MasterLab was about building a sense of what is possible and designed to give advocates a chance to learn from veteran advocates. It was an effort to create a formula for successful diabetes advocacy. DHF welcomed some of the most eminent advocates to share their experiences, strengths and stigma. Our panel included Manny Hernandez (DHF), a key note from Paul Madden, Stayce Beck (FDA), Mike Swearingen, Michael Mangianello (HIV/AIDS activist,HCM Strategists), Bennet Dunlap (StripSafely), Kelly Close and Adam Brown (Close Concerns, diatribe), Rebecca Killion (PWD, Patient Representative at FDA), Kerri Sparling (SixUntilMe) and David Lee Strasberg (PWD).

What’s really extradoinary about the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) is their ability to spread incredible moments so quickly! During MasterLab, social media swelled with quotes, photos and phenominal experiences. Attendees flooded their blogs, facebook and twitter feeds with real-time events and made an effort to allow those not present feel apart of the excitement . 

If you missed the MasterLab, no worries! The team at DiaTribe News managed to put together an amazing Storify featuring some of the most outstanding MasterLab moments. Our Scholarship Recipients and other DOC participants even took the time to share their experiences with the world and we want you to check them out! There is no better way to experience the MasterLab other than listening to the voice of the DOC. Please take a few moments to read the MasterLab reviews below. This is the #MasterLab through the eyes of the community…

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