Help Yourself. Help Others.


We all know the benefits of physical activity. With the #BigBlueTest campaign, you not only help yourself when you get active, but you’re also helping others through the Big Blue Test grants that are rewarded as a result.

When you log your physical activity session on or by using the iPhone or Android app, $3 is donated to nonprofit organizations that are providing life-saving supplies, services, and education to people with diabetes and pre-diabetes in communities that are traditionally underserved.

The organizations that will benefit from Big Blue Test grants this year are scattered throughout the U.S., which makes the reach of your impact really great. The three organizations receiving Big Blue Test grants are DiabetesSisters (Raleigh, NC), We Are Diabetes (Minneapolis, MN), & Riverside Community Diabetes Collaborative (Riverside, CA). Each organization offers assistance in different ways, providing services that are unique and beneficial to the needs of their community.

DiabetesSisters advocates for women and children living with diabetes; the majority of those serviced are minorities within the U.S. Currently, DiabetesSisters reaches out to approximately 20,000 women and children, providing online & face-to-face services, such as access to new research articles, educational seminars, and monthly support groups. DiabetesSisters plans to use Big Blue Test grant funds to promote a minority initiative, which focuses on bringing resources and education to the at-risk Hispanic and African American populations throughout a woman’s life (puberty, pregnancy, & menopause).

We Are Diabetes seeks to assist others via online peer mentoring, education, and awareness for people living with type 1 diabetes and depression or eating disorders. We Are Diabetes is the first non-profit agency to create a comprehensive online peer mentoring program, which offers a community where empathy is sincere and comes from personal experience. At this online summit, they focus on caring for persons as a whole, considering their physical, emotional, and social needs. We Are Diabetes plans to use funds to physically distribute their “recovery toolkit” to clinics across the country.

Riverside Community Diabetes Collaborative focuses on strengthening community programs for prevention and early management of diabetes, by addressing societal and cultural barriers to preventive care services in the Riverside, CA. community. Overall, this organization focuses on barrier reduction, such as access to care due to lack of insurance, reducing language barriers, and teaching community members how to overcome these struggles via local community partnerships. Riverside Community Collaborative plans to use the funds to purchase equipment for their annual “Together We Can!” event, which is a seminar offering free health screenings and education on healthy living.

All it takes is 14-20 minutes of physical activity a day to make a difference for people with diabetes.  With the


you have the ability to change your life and the lives of others. Go out, get active and log a Big Blue Test now!