FDA Docket Extended! We Need You.

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If you are new to diabetes advocacy in the traditional sense of the word, you may be thinking, “What the heck is a docket!?” I certainly was the first twenty times I heard it (yes it took that long). For those of us unfamiliar with the jargon of legislation, law, policy, etc, participating in the groundswell of advocacy can be off-putting. Trust me, I practically live there.

Navigating the advocacy space can be daunting when you don’t know the lingo or where to go for information. Lucky for those of us (myself included) not so well versed, there are bloggers and movers and shakers making it a little easier for us to take part and really contribute.

After listening and reading many blog posts (listed below) I came to understand that the word ‘docket’ is just a fancy way of saying, ‘that which is in line to be heard’.

So, the FDA has opened up the docket for meter strip accuracy. This means the FDA has come to patients like us and said “we want to hear you’! This is a huge win for us as advocates and as people with diabetes and we should take a moment to recognize that. A pat on the back is in order followed by a biiiiiiiiiig high five. With Bennet Dunlap of Strip Safely leading the way, we have all spoken up loud enough for the FDA to take notice and request ‘official’ comments about meter accuracy.

Now is our chance and we have only three weeks left. The docket, our direct line of communication with the FDA in regards to meter strip accuracy is open until May 7th.

There is no time like the present, people. Let’s set the record for patient engagement with FDA.

They are listening like never before.

If you are caught up on what to say, see this AMAZING and simply-put blog post by Diabetes Advocate, Christel at theperfectd. She will guide you to comment in a way that is so easy you’ll wonder why it was daunting to begin with.  Get your Moo Moo on.

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