Diabetes Advocates Conference Scholarships Announced

The Diabetes Advocates is proud to announce that we are offering scholarships to some amazing diabetes advocates to attend diabetes conferences this summer thanks to the generous support of Abbott Diabetes Care, BI-Lilly Alliance, Dexcom, Janssen, Novo Nordisk, and Medtronic. The list includes many long-time advocates and some newer advocates alike.

Congratulations to all of the scholarship winners and we hope you have a very educational and fun time attending!

75th Scientific Sessions of American Diabetes Association

  • Brian Cohen
  • Rick Phillips

Friends For Life (Full-week Scholarship)

  • Alanna Swartz
  • Asha Brown

Diabetes Advocates MasterLab at Friends For Life

  • Anna Norton
  • Katy Killilea
  • Sara Flaconer
  • Mona Huff
  • Sue Rericha
  • Amanda Frick
  • Erin Spineto
  • Daniele Hargenrader
  • Lisa M. Oberndorfer
  • Jennifer Blanchard
  • Eileen Rivera Ley
  • Lori Blanton
  • Grainne Flynn
  • Mariana Gómez
  • Tanya L. Hernández Rodríguez

American Association of Diabetes Educators Conference

  • Heather Gabel
  • Gina Ferrari

Diabetes Advocates is a program of the Diabetes Hands Foundation, that connects Diabetes advocates, helps them work together, and pools their resources to help people with Diabetes everywhere. We envision a world where everyone who wishes to advocate for people with Diabetes can connect with other like-minded advocates and get the support they need to help people with Diabetes.

We want to thank everyone who applied this year. It was very difficult to make selections. We look forward to meeting the scholarship winners at the conferences and for another year of connecting and engaging diabetes leaders!

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