Diabetes Advocates in 2017

Diabetes Hands Foundation has supported advocates for years with our TuDiabetes community conversations and our DiabetesAdvocates.org programs (including MasterLab). We have found that many people touched by diabetes want to gain tools for advocating for themselves in the doctor’s office, legally, etc. As PWDs move past their initial post-diagnosis phase, many want to connect with purpose to the greater community and find a way to make a positive change in the diabetes space.

We believe advocacy can happen anywhere, anytime, and on any level – in the workplace, with a school district, at the doctor’s office, via Facebook, innovating in Silicon Valley, or even addressing international challenges.

In 2017 we are going to be working hard on re-invigorating DiabetesAdvocates.org as an online hub. We are working to expand and enhance the content to provide our advocacy curriculum to even more people, offering robust education tools, policy news, and resources for new learners looking to advocate for themselves as well as experienced advocates ready to lead a larger initiative. You can sign-up for the Diabetes Advocates newsletter or follow us on Twitter for up-to-date information.

MasterLab 2017

We have also just announced our new MasterLab Leadership Institute, an intensive, exciting weekend conference featuring expert mentorship, leadership development, and social entrepreneurship workshops to support leaders implementing positive changes for the greater diabetes community. A group of 20 change-makers will be accepted, providing them with a fully-funded scholarship to advance their non-profit, social, entrepreneurial, and innovative visions for a better world for those with diabetes. Applications are currently being accepted until February 15th.

Thank you to Lilly Diabetes and Novo Nordisk for providing event sponsorships, and Lilly for providing scholarships & allowing selected fellows to attend without financial burden.

As we bring new energy and resources to our advocacy programs, we thought that it would also be a great time to update some of the visual branding we use with Diabetes Advocates. We have created a new logo that shows a fingerprint. As an organization with “hands” in our name, we are very aware of the role that hands play in the life of people with diabetes. The intricate fingerprint lines represent the complex world of advocacy, and the blood drop in the center of the print is the cause that has brought all of us together.

Keep an eye on our advocacy programs, and let all of the passionate advocates in your life know about the open application for the Diabetes Advocates MasterLab Leadership Institute!