DHF Partners with HelpAround in an Effort to Connect People Touched by Diabetes



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Technology has the amazing ability to ease the stress associated with diabetes; It simply makes our lives a little more bearable. That’s why we are excited to announce DHFs partnership with HelpAround. This new application will help us identify the location of its members by using geographic positioning. In other words, you will be able to use your cellphone to find others touched by diabetes around you.

The concept behind HelpAround surfaced when the parent of a child with diabetes had forgotten their child’s testing supplies at home. Since they were attending a large sporting event with over 21,000 people, they couldn’t help but wonder if there was someone nearby with diabetes who could help.

“Diabetes management is exhausting for both patients and caregivers, yet there hasn’t been a healthcare industry after-care solution that helps patients by connecting them to each other,” said HelpAround CEO and co-founder Yishai Knobel.  “HelpAround’s premise is: the best resource for a patient is another patient.  We harness the superior trust, empathy and camaraderie within the diabetes patient community, allowing members to discover peers who truly get it.’”

The Diabetes Hands Foundation has decided to join in partnership with HelpAround to give members of EsTuDiabetes.org and TuDiabetes.org the opportunity to establish interactions outside of our virtual communities. Members of HA will be able to identify and assist nearby users for emergencies, friendships and networking purposes.

We hope this application will bring many benefits and make the management of your diabetes a little more bearable.

Click here for more information on HelpAround.