Curing type 1 diabetes: a conversation with Sarah’s dad

SarahDadBy Sarah Edwards

I invited my Dad to join the live interview last week regarding Viacyte and the Human Trial.  Dad has always been quite curious about research, cures, better treatments, etc.  I knew this would pique his interest.  I remember 32 years ago after my diagnosis that my parent’s care for me was diametrically opposed.  Mom was all about gathering data and creating a daily game plan for my diabetes.  Dad was all about a positive attitude and looking to the future.  That future being living a full, healthy, Type 1-free life.  He would discuss with my team of doctors about what they were doing in the labs, and how soon a better treatment or cure was on the horizon.

I recall last week during the interview a sense of unbridled excitement.  The information that Paul Laikind offered was outstanding to me.  I remember making a statement in the chat room during the interview that it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the idea of walking into a medical  facility as a person with Type 1 diabetes, having a small flexible device implanted under my skin, and within an hour, I walk out free of diabetes.

That statement brings me to a conversation I had with my Dad and Uncle Jim.  Dad mentioned to his brother that he couldn’t wrap his head around that idea either.  Uncle Jim quickly replied with, “well, wouldn’t they just get used to it?”  Dad’s immediate response brought tears to my eyes.  “Jim, a lot of the adults have had diabetes since they were toddlers.  There’s no way they could easily just turn off that switch”.  Yeah for Dad, he got it!

I am a person that visualizes.  Think of Chevy Chase telling his golf caddy to “be the ball”.  Dad has always encouraged me to do this.  “Sarah, if you want something to happen, visualize it.  Picture it in your mind that it’s going to happen”.  I have always imagined a day absent of counting carbs, not having to check my blood sugar before a meal, having a purse that isn’t so full of my D gear, having sex without pausing to disconnect.  But, I always thought of it as an optimistic dream, not a real life possibility.  Until now.

I am excited for the future.  I am excited for my future.  Viacyte, the Human Trial and Johnson & Johnson are showing a lot of promise.

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