Congratulations, 2017 Fellows!

Congratulations, Fellows!

– 2017 MasterLab Leadership Institute –

We’re so proud of the 2017 #MasterLab Leadership Institute cohort of Fellows! We had an amazing weekend filled with collaboration and hard work.

The Fellows were selected because of their passion and drive to improve life with diabetes. Our cohort of Fellows included PhD researchers, startup founders, leaders planning awareness initiatives, small business founders, non-profit leaders, and health educators leading community projects. You can read more about the 2017 Fellows here.

Throughout the weekend, the Fellows learned how to increase their impact, refine their business plan to be sustainable (even as non-profits!) and prepare to grow their programs. MasterLab Leadership Institute is a leadership development and social impact accelerator program for rising leaders in the diabetes space. After completing the program, Fellows gain continued support by Diabetes Hands Foundation, a strong network of Fellows and mentors, and continued opportunities for advanced learning as they work toward 12-month objectives.

Thank you to , and  for supporting our vision through event sponsorships. Thank you to Lilly Diabetes for providing each Fellow with a travel scholarship, to enable us to bring together this group of inspiring minds!

What did everyone do at MasterLab Leadership Institute?

Friday night we settled into the Waterfront Hotel in Oakland, California, then gathered for an evening meet & greet; it was so inspiring to meet the Fellows from around the world and hear about their visions to improve life with diabetes.

Saturday morning kicked off a series of 1.5-hour workshops with expert mentors, aimed at leadership development and project advancement:

  • Ellen Leanse, Tech Advisor & Entrepreneur taught us about neuroscience, thinking “fast & slow”, and ways to understand the brain to be more impactful leaders.
  • Tara Lynn Gray, CEO of YADARI Enterprises talked about the need to incorporate both social impact and financial planning to ensure we have socially-driven organizations that are also sustainable.
  • Greg Makoul, CEO of PatientWisdom discussed his organization’s success at capturing patient wisdom and using emotional connection to improve patient-doctor interactions. 
  • Ryan Prust, Co-Founder of Rhubarb Studios, led us through a lean prototyping workshop to “build, test, refine” ideas — quickly, and at low cost — to make sure they work before building a big program.
  • Yacanex Posadas, a small business development consultant and an instructor at Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business, walked us through a Social Impact Business Canvas to sketch out what our programs need (revenue, partnerships, users) and what we will provide (products, services, and impact to PWDs).
  • Baily Hancock is a collaboration connoisseur and shared her step-by-step wisdom to finding and executing win-win partnerships to grow our programs.
  • Pamela Weiss, a T1D for 44 years and Founder of Appropriate Response, led us through a mindfulness-based leadership session to help us develop as leaders — WHO we are is equally as important as WHAT we do.

Sunday afternoon, we broke into small groups to receive advice and mentoring from 4 accomplished mentors:

Each of the Fellows prepared an “elevator pitch” — a 2-minute synopsis of their project — the problem they were solving for people with diabetes, their business model, and 6-12 month growth plan. Our panel of mentors provided insightful questions, commentary, and feedback to help the Fellows further refine their plan and execution.

My favorite parts of the weekend were seeing the Fellows connect with each other. Outside of the content, and refining ideas to make projects more sustainable and impactful, the chance to connect with others working in this space was paramount. Often, we work in silos in our region, our area of expertise and are trying to solve problems alone, rather than alongside others who are walking the same paths. Connecting with others gives us the opportunity to share ideas, methodologies, advice, and to form partnerships between organizations. Our 2017 Fellows are on to great things, and we couldn’t be more proud to have them steering the future of diabetes, together! – MJ

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