Changes on TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes!

Last week Diabetes Hands Foundation said, “Goodbye” to the TuDiabetes Community Manager Cynthia Rogers as she left our team to start the latest chapter in her professional life.

Since we love to make lemonade whenever we are handed lemons, we are considering this gap in our staffing as an opportunity to do some shifting and restructuring which will help us run the TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes communities more efficiently and effectively.

Starting this week, we have three new positions on our staff that will be filled by three familiar faces.

Mila Ferrer has worked as the Community & Social Media Manager for the EsTuDiabetes community in Spanish. And she has just been promoted to the new role of Director of Community.

In this new role, Mila will create programs for the TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes community that will be educational, fun and inspiring. And she will help manage the day-to-day operations of the two communities to make sure they continue to be a safe and helpful place for people touched by diabetes.

Mariana Gómez has been working with Mila to increase the impact and visibility of the EsTuDiabetes community. Mariana’s new title will be Community Manager and she will continue to work with Mila to implement strategies to help us achieve some of our strategic goals for 2017, 2018 and beyond for both our Spanish and English speaking members.

Mariana’s background as a Diabetes Educator and Licensed Psychologist will help us as we build a new, exciting, and educational experience for the TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes communities.

Marie Bernegger is a long-time volunteer on the TuDiabetes forum and known by most of the members there. Marie’s new role of Community Leader will have her act as a liaison between the committed team of volunteer administrators on TuDiabetes and the Diabetes Hands Foundation staff.

Marie will also continue to be the “voice” of Diabetes Hands Foundation on our Twitter account.

As we adjust to our new team structure and settle into these new roles, we ask our community to continue to help us by self-moderating and using the flagging system in place on the TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes forums.

We are really excited and hopeful that this new structure will help us do the work that we do more efficiently and effectively.

To find out more about our staff and volunteer admin teams, check out: