Big Blue Test is Back. Join The Movement!


Yes. It is that time of year again. The leaves are falling and Big Blue Test is in the air.

In case you haven’t been properly introduced, the Big Blue Test is a program of the Diabetes Hands Foundation that inspires individuals touched by diabetes to get active, community style.

The goal of the program is to rally communities to experience the impact that small changes can have on their health. Over the past four years of Big Blue Test awesomeness, we have found that getting active, whether it be walking, dancing, swimming, running, hiking, jiving, etc. for only 14 minutes lowers blood sugar by 20% on average.The action plan of Big Blue Test is simple. Test your blood sugar, get active for 14-20 minutes, test again, and share your results.

Why share?

There are many answers to that questions, maybe you have some of your own. This is why we know that Big Blue Test is worth sharing:

1. Working out together is better than going it alone. Seeing what other people are doing to exercise inspires us to follow suit. If I can do it, so can you! If you can do it, so can I! Together, our commitment to exercising our right to good health feels stronger.

2. Sharing your pre- and post- data with us adds to the growing evidence that small changes can have great positive impacts on our health. Armed with the data to back up the claim, we can get the attention of our health care professionals and representatives to help us change the landscape of diabetes care and prevention in our country.

AND 3, as if the two above aren’t enough to get you revved up and ready to walk the streets of your neighborhood, there is an even greater incentive. Each time you LOG a Big Blue Test at the BBT Website or on the BBT App, a donation is given to organizations that are connecting people with diabetes to the support, services and education they need to live healthier lives.


Being an active agent in your own health by participating in the Big Blue Test helps you, the diabetes online community, and the diabetes community at large.

Join the movement, share your journey.

______ Bonus! ______

We are stronger together.

Here are some Sample tweets and FB posts we have created for you to spread the word about the Big Blue Test:


About YOU:

TWEET: #JoinTheMovement. I did with the #BigBlueTest! Log your test at and raise #diabetes awareness.

I’m #FeelingGood after my daily #BigBlueTest challenge. It’s easy and fun. #JoinTheMovement at #DiabetesAwareness

FACEBOOK: Get active and participate in the #BigBlueTest.  Each time you log your 14 minutes of exercise at, a donation will be made to diabetes-related charities. #JoinTheMovement


About Helping Others:

TWEETHelp people with #diabetes in need by taking the #BigBlueTest at Each test = a donation to diabetes-related charities.

FACEBOOK: Help people with diabetes in need by taking the Big Blue Test!  Go to and log a test.  Each test = a donation to diabetes-related charities.


With links to videos:

TWEETWhen you take the #BigBlueTest you’re helping organizations like this one: Join the movement!

FACEBOOK: When you take the #BigBlueTest you’re helping organizations like this one: Join the movement!


Thank you For EVERYTHING you believe and for everything you do to make the diabetes community stronger and more healthy.