Big Blue Test: At Work and At School


The launch of the #BigBlueTest is approaching quickly and we want YOU to get involved. Last year, we had an amazing turn out with over 20K Big Blue Test entries. This year, we want to set the bar a little higher and aim for 35K #BigBlueTest entries by the 20th of November. This is where we ask you, the advocate, for as much help as possible. To reach our goal of 35k entries, we created two instructional pages to help you bring the Big Blue Test to work and to school.

Big Blue Test At Work:

If you work in an office, you have the opportunity to help us collect many Big Blue Tests this year. Remember that each test collected results in one dollar donated to charity. We have provided a Big Blue Test At Work Resource Page to help you plan a successful Big Blue Test Event.

Big Blue Test At School:

You can make a huge difference by collecting Big Blue Tests of your entire school for the entire month, or just one class on one day.  Follow the steps on the Big Blue Test At School Resource Page to help you and your child put together a fun activity for their classmates.

The idea of the instructional pages were brought on by Abby Morrow, whose sister Virginia is a child with diabetes. Abby wanted to raise awareness at her Minnetonka Middle School and with their participation, over 3K Big Blue Tests were entered. Read more about Abby’s Story.