Ask Google for a Frederick Banting doodle

Frederick Banting ca. 1920–1925 in Toronto, Ontario

There are more than a 366 million people with diabetes in the world. Of those, almost 100 million depend on insulin to live. November 14 is the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting (shown above), one of the main discoverers of insulin. His discovery was so significant that this date has been designated as World Diabetes Day by the United Nations.

Help us request that Google create a doodle to honor the birthday of this great man, to whom people who inject insulin owe so much, by completing and sharing the petition below.

I petition Google to create a doodle to honor November 14, 2012 as the 121st birthday of one of medical history’s true heroes: Sir Frederick Banting. He and Charles Best discovered insulin and gave the gift of life to millions of people who had previously been condemned to death.

5,055 people have signed this petition so far.

  • Rebecca Wright

    Please Google!!

    • Narindar Kumar Sharma

      Lives of millions of diabetics would have been impossible withour Sir Frederick

    • Peter

      Has to be doodled!

  • Emily Coles

    If not for Sir Frederick Banting’s discovery of insulin I would have died at the age of 3. Instead I’m a happy, healthy, productive 37-year-old member of society. THAT’S a hero.

  • Joanne

    give it a shot, okay?

  • Valerie Clark

    Insulin has saved my life, as it has many others I’m sure. It may not be pleasant to use the vial and syringe, but the alternative is much worse. So Google please do this for all of us who are in need of insulin!

    • john shettles

      Please google him!!!

  • Please show us Your support!

  • Wolfman

    Thank You, Sir Federick

  • Daniel Oliva

    Please be aware that each and everyone of us now knows someone who has diabetes! Awreness is the the start to prevention and cures. Please help by a small tribute to this man!

  • WIlliam

    Fred is at least as important as the inventor of the zipper.

  • Brigitte

    I’m grateful to have insulin-it allows me to live to see my daughters everyday.

  • Sir Frederick Banting…Doctor, Army hero, co-discoverer of insulin, artist….a humble and compassionate man, and a HERO TO MILLIONS of people with diabetes, and their families. Dealing with this overwhelming, complex and often fatal illness 24/7.

  • I wouldn’t be here if there was no one in this world who has invented the insulin PLEASE GOOGLE THIS MAN

  • Sir Frederick Banting is a hero to billions of people with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and all who care for them ~ Google should honor this hero.

  • To some, the discovery of insulin is just a single event in the history of medicine. To me, as for millions of others, it is the reason I am alive.
    Google did a very complicated set of Google doodles to commemorate the birthday of H.G. Wells. Wells is one of us, one of those saved by insulin.
    If you value H.G. Wells and his achievements, you should also value Banting.

  • Gerri

    Millions owe their lives to Frederick Banting. I’m one, a very grateful one.

  • lost music

    I wrote a five-page essay on strictly on Mr. Banting and his importance of his studies and testing. I believe millions of people who have type 1 diabetes would be dead if not for his discovery. If not, we would be severly suffering daily . Not much of the population knows of him and I think having him spotlighted on Google would be so great and an inspiration for us diabetics and increase awareness of the people living with this disease, but not deceased- thanks to so graciously Banting. Please! Let’s honour this life saving fantastic inspirating idol.

  • Tracy Wu

    It would be nice to have both Banting and Best recognized since without both of them – the discovery of insulin would not exist. That being said, I believe that Banting is the greatest Canadian -a national and international hero.

  • Elizabeth Merker

    Please honor someone who has saved countless lives including my own. Honoring him will help spread awareness which will help more people live healthier lives. Thank you.

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  • Erika Moore

    I am so thankful for Frederick Banting’s discovery of insulin. If not for that, I would not be able to enjoy this wonderful life. Even though diabetes effects every aspect of my day to day living, having insulin is helping me to live a long & prosperous life. so thankful!!!

  • silvia patricia rojas aguirre

    por favor google es importante que todo el mundo sepa sobre quien descubrio la insulina y los beneficios que nos aporta a los diabeticos

    Let us celebrate an amazing man (and relative of mine, he and my paternal grandmother are cousins) who put forth in motion a host of wonderfulness that has improved the lives of many.

  • caroyn

    If not for insulin discovery I would not lived 47 years and still going.
    Thank you Sir Frederick.

  • Lawrence Stearns

    I would like to show my appreciation to Sir Frederick Banting for 35+ years of life as a type 1 diabetic. Without Sir Banting, I would have died 35 years ago, in 1977. Thank you

    • Teresa Pitt

      He is Sir Frederick, not Sir Banting!!!

  • Michelle

    This man has and continues to save countless childrens and adults lives including my own! This very important figure needs to be recognized and we Insulin-Dependent Diabetics need our voices heard, please honor us!



  • For Sir Frederick Banting…..

  • Aina

    He has to be celebrated. This man has saved lives and is continuing to do so.

  • Ashok Shah

    Of course due honor has to be accorded to this great personilt who invented such a useful remedy.

  • Google must doodle because he has done so much for humanity. Not asking for more than a Humane Gesture from google.

  • alia aida

    i am live at now . if he dont ia m not live .

  • My happy-go-lucky 5 year old son would have died at 18 months without Banting’s discovery, and he is but one of the many thousands of children AND adults who have a second chance at life because of insulin. The discovery of insulin ranks right up there with the discovery of penicillin as watershed moments in medicine. Please, Google, won’t you acknowledge this man’s work so that more people will become aware of just what he contributed to society? Everyone knows who Alexander Fleming was and how antibiotics came to be. It’s about time Banting received the same recognition.

  • tom madigan

    Please honor this man who has saved many

  • Leah N Miller

    Insulin has been a part of my life since being diagnosed with type 2 in 2000
    Ive learned alot since then and have been able to share with others about
    my experiences …..none of which I could have done without Sir Frederick Banting !!

  • Greg

    You can suggest a doodle directly:

  • I am honoured to be a relative of Sir Frederick Banting.
    He deserves recognition by Google.
    For more information about him, see:

  • Sara Wall

    Because of this man millions of people can live better and longer lives, he must be doodled

  • elsa chávez

    Please Google, es very important for our comunity, Thank you!!!

  • Sinead McGlynn

    For Ciaran x

  • For over 90 years this man has been keeping me and others like me alive. In his day if you were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes you were condemned to die but thanks to his lifesaving insulin I am here now 21 years after my diagnosis at age 5 and I am very much alive.

  • Please, Google. Millions of people are saved every day because of insulin. Honor Sir Frederick Banting with a Doodle on November 14.
    For my child and all of those who have no other option but the use of insulin to stay alive and well

  • Please, Google!

    Help us our diabetes cause!

  • galit simon

    Help thousands of children to raise awareness to type 1 diabetes !

  • Lara

    Please Google :-))

  • Martin Prinsloo

    Please Google! banting’s discovery keeps people who need insulin injections alive.

  • Please Google.
    Me: Age 31, Diabetic type 1 since 1993. 🙂

  • This needs to happen!

  • nel

    No question …just Google

  • Lejla Hodži?

    Please Google.

  • Carla Prisco

    United in support of diabetes with google

  • Jane Dimpel

    Absolutely deserving of recognition.

  • Please Google, give Sir Frederick Banting a doodle to honor him for saving millions of lives. If it was not for him, I would of been dead at the age of 5. I mean, the guy who invented the zipper got a doodle lol. Banting definitely deserves one.

  • Tijana

    We nead it!!!

  • Eva

    Por favor Google, es necesario dar honor aquien lo merece.

  • eliele

    United in support of diabetes with google

  • Elizabeth

    If it were not for Banting and his research and the discovery of insulin then my daughter would have died at the age of ten. She is now the mother of two healthy sons. Please google!

  • What A Great Idea!!! Who knows where or if we would be today with the brilliant determination and works of this man! WHy wouldn’t we honor him?

  • Manjula Suresh

    Happy to celebrate your birthday….!

  • Joy D

    What an honor it would be to have a Banting doodle! I am a volunteer family mentor and counselor for JDRF and also have a Type 1 diabetic child and work outside the home. I also collect diabetic supplies and ship them to needy families for their child(ren) globally. This sure would he a great way to give back and spread awareness! Banting has saved millions of lives!

    Thank you kindly,

  • Bienvenida Quezada


  • paula no fuera por tu invento mi hijo no estaria hoy conmigo.grande frederick banting!!!!

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  • Heinz L Dahl

    I petition Google to create a doodle to honor November 14, 2012 as the 121st birthday of one of medical history’s true heroes: Sir Frederick Banting. He and Charles Best discovered insulin and gave the gift of life to millions of children who had previously been condemned to death.

  • please …..

  • Thai

    I have a 4-year old recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Please help bring awareness to this disease so that we can find a cure! Thank you.

  • Support and awareness!

  • ursula thompson

    PLZ show your support for this!

  • Laura Bynoe

    please honor Sir Frederick! He saved countless lives and his invention of insulin continues to save more 🙂

  • Dianne Phillips

    Greatest invention ever, thanks for allowing me a life worth living

  • DiabetikIvo

    Frederic Banting doodle na stánke Google d?a 14. novembra pri príležitosti 121. výro?ia narodenia jedného z objavite?ov inzulínu zachra?ujúceho dennodenne milióny životov diabetikov závislých na inzulíne je pekná vec, ale žia? trvajúca iba jeden de?.

    Radšej by som bol, keby sa na stránke google 365 dní v roku objavoval modrý kruh, ktorý je symbolom diabetikov s výzvou na podporenie výskumu metód na obnovu ?innosti beta buniek pankreasu, na podporenie výskumu materiálov pre zapúzdrenie beta buniek a ich implantáciu, na podporenie vývoja umelého pankreasu, na podporenie … všetkého, ?o pomôže diabetikom na celom svete ži? ?ahšie a bezpe?nejšie s týmto chronickým ochorením každý de? v roku…

    Translate from Slovak language with Google Translator:

    Frederic Banting doodle on the Google stand of 14 November at the occasion of the 121st anniversary of the birth of one of the discoverers of insulin’s saving millions of lives every day insulin-dependent diabetes is a nice thing, but unfortunately only lasts one day.

    I’d rather be, if the Google 365 days in a blue circle, a symbol of diabetics with a call to support research on methods of restoration activities pancreatic beta cells, to promote research into materials for encapsulation of beta cells and their implantation, to promote development artificial pancreas, supporting … anything that helps diabetics around the world easier and safer to live with this chronic illness every day of the year …

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  • Valerie from Detroit

    The gift of life…keeps giving!

  • Lynn Lipsig

    Insulin is life-saving for millions of people around the world.

  • Claire

    As much as possible, Diabetes should be seen and recognized so that we can fight it better!!
    So, let’s Doodle with Frederick Banting !